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VIP Client Services

image vipServices  beyond traditional real estate transactions. All my clients have access to my comprehensive post-closing support service, which includes:

The Network 

Clients get access to a verified professional network – an extensive list of tried and tested professionals offering every property service you could ever need.

I only refer professionals who I have either used personally or tested through my work. I am therefore confident recommending people to my clients, knowing that they will offer excellent services, quality, price, and professionalism.

So whether you require an inspector, a mortgage, an architect, a general contractor, a foundation specialist, real estate lawyer, a roofer, a painter or any other professional related to real estate – Your covered.


Management Services

You just bought your first investment and need some guidance getting started?

It will be a pleasure to guide you through the various steps of finding the right tenants, managing your property and – most importantly – giving you all the knowledge you need to repeat the process autonomously in the future!

Alternatively, if you’re too busy to take care of your investment property, no problem – we can manage it for you.


Legal Assistance

As part of my services all clients are covered by our Tranquill-T Program, which provides access to a real estate lawyer free of charge.


Everything Real Estate
I am always available for my clients and can be reached directly for any further assistance.