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Downsizing? Let's help you keep your precious family memories ~

August 21, 2017

Downsizing? Let's help you keep your precious family memories ~

The Sellers

Katherine and Jeff are proud owners of a beautiful home where they have raised two children. After 25 years in the same house, they want to downsize and find somewhere that is easier to maintain, as well as freeing up some cash to allow them to spend more time travelling. They are excited to make a change and would like to move back into the city and buy a condo.

Despite their home being very well maintained, it was starting to show its age and needed some updating. Our interior designer helped with a few simple touch-ups such as painting, replacing some dated hardware and removing some furniture that was making the space look smaller. These simple alterations made the home more sellable while maintaining its character. Once everything was just right we had our photographer take the perfect pictures. We wanted to make sure that the property would show well and that we would make the best possible first impression, especially to younger buyers who are often seeking modern properties with contemporary design.

We delayed the listing by a few weeks to make sure everything was just right and to list just as the peak season started. We generated a lot of interest and house visits and finally sold the home to a buyer who appreciated the character of the home just as much as Katherine and Jeff did. Katherine and Jeff are now enjoying city living and travelling.