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Buying Your First Home? These are the things to know ~

September 05, 2017

Buying Your First Home? These are the things to know ~

The First-Time Buyers

Mike and Lucy are a young couple looking for a home where they can start a family. They have a short list of neighborhoods that they like, but they have a limited budget.

We met Mike and Lucy to discuss their priorities — the neighborhoods, school districts and transport links — and their future plans. Mike and Lucy’s initial plan was to look for something temporary and then upgrade in the future. After looking at their case in detail, we thought that they might get better results with a different approach — there is a cost to buying and selling in the future and appreciation is not always a sure thing. We recommended that they look at some properties adjacent to some of their favorite neighborhoods, where they can still be beside all the conveniences but get more house for their dollar and not be forced to sell and buy in the future to accommodate a growing family.

We found Mike and Lucy a beautiful home just down the road from their favorite neighborhood, with enough space for a family to grow comfortably. Rather than moving again, they plan to add an additional bathroom in the future and renovate the basement to increase the value of their current property.